How do we differ from the competitors?

Tailored approach


We believe every client is unique and special. The key idea behind this principle is satisfaction of the clients by tailoring custom approaches.

International standards of quality

Firstly, we have a progressive system of rendering quality services which is an advantage on both local and foreign markets. We are also widely recognized because the standards we implemented. This allows to minimize the risks for your business and increase the level of its protection.

Hands-on experience

Working for more that 20 years with big businesses. Experience in Big 4, cooperation with business giants - pharmaceutical, agricultural, metallurgical companies. These are the key indicators of skilfulness and trustworthiness of our professionals.

Lobbying power


Constructive cooperation of our specialists with government authorities. This allows to obtain high quality administrative services quickly and avoiding bureaucratic procedures.



We are an independent company. Independence is of utmost importance for our Clients because it is the cornerstone of responsibility, quality and highest level of involvement.

Comprehensive analysis

We are committed to comprehensively service your company based on all its legal, tax and brokerage needs - our team of professionals will ensure this. Your company will be able to mitigate the legal and financial risks.

Reasonable fees

Practical experience of working with international and leading national companies. Significant amount of successfully accomplished projects. Constructive cooperation with governmental authorities, guaranteed result - all this at a reasonable price!

The Big 4 level of quality

Auditing firms of the Big 4 are powerful competitors of the local auditing and legal firms but for their high quality services they charge their clients accordingly. Braxton is a company that renders the same high quality services but at a more reasonable price.